REAQER Shoulder Exercise Pulley Traction Pulley

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❤Package Included: 

one training aids (pulley + card head) 
two sponge handgrips
one drawstring
one fixed glove


Using soft foam card head directly stucks in the door lintel.It is simple to 
operate,easy to use and can be used when you want.It does not hurt the 
door.You can train when sit or stand and when the cervical traction kit be 
used,the patient holds the handle,uses the healthy side upper limb to drive 
the affected limb,pulls the rope up and down to hava rehabilitation 
training.Keep it every day and it is simple and effective! 


Old man's poor health:The old man who is old and has poor health in your family 
requires rehabilitation training. 
Long-term desk work:Office workers work long hours and suffer from stiff upper 
Smartphone addiction:Lowering your head to play phone for a long time lead to 
cervical stiffness. 


Only one glove, not a pair.