REAQER Elbow Orthosis Hinged Elbow Brace

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About The Product:

1、Material: This black elbow orthosis is made of imported mercerized fabric and ribbon.It adopts the high quality composite cloth, and the soft and comfortable design is unique to form a curved arc.

2、Characteristic: The elbow orthoses is made of high-grade imported material, durable, easy and comfortable to wear. And it is open structure, easy to adjust.The special inner liner eliminates the possibility of sliding, which gives the wearer a comfortable feel.The design is light and beautiful.

3、Applicable people:Designed specifically for elbow injuries, this brace is ideal for dislocations, epicondylitis, fractures, ROM orthosis, and more.

4、Speciality:This product is designed according to the clinical experience of experts and the actual needs of patients. It is a fixed support for the recovery function of elbow joint and it can be easily

5、Adjustable mobility: As you progress through your recovery, you’ll need more or less extension and flexion capabilities. The bilateral range-of-motion settings can be adjusted between 0° – 120° of 0° – 90°