REAQER Grip Strength Ball Finger Training Equipment

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Product Details: 

Model Name: Anti-Spasticity Ball

Diameter: About 8 cm

Size: Free size, both OK for right and left hands, for the maximum wrist circumference :29cm / 11.4inches. 

Suitable for people: 

1、The grip strength ball is suitable for people with finger flexion and hand function impairment caused by brain trauma, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, sequela of cerebral infarction,craniocerebral operation, Parkinson or peripheral neuropathy.

2、People with muscle weakness, unusual limb tension or nerve cells of the brain damage can also use this product. 

3、Fitness exercise for healthy middle-aged and elderly people.

Product Merit: 

1、Material: non-toxic, not allergic cloth and high quality PU. 
2、Finger hoop is convenient to grip the ball for you, and the anti-spasticity ball with removable finger hoop fits more training phases and more people. 

Product Features:

1、Separating fingers while exercise hand and finger muscles. 

2、Light weight, only 130g, easy and comfortable to wear. 

3、Inside the aluminium rod, keep wrist firm. 

4、Soft foam ball is for hand muscles exercise. 

Product Functions: 

1、 Prevent fingers bending and cramping, the joint from deformation and deformity. 

2、 Control the increase of flexor muscle tension and muscle atrophy. 

3、Avoid the finger erosion 

4、Function for fixing fingers